Thursday, January 24, 2008

What a Season!

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge Chargers fan. I was born in San Diego so its in my blood! Well last week the Bolts lost to what some fans are saying could possibly be the greatest team ever assembled. The NE Patriots.

I however thought the season ended on a very good note, if there is any when you DON'T win it all! For one. SD didnt have their best player on the field for the majority of the game in LaDainian Tomlison. Antonio Gates was injured and didnt play much and Philip Rivers was out there running around with half a leg! Despite all of the offensive injures they only lost by 9 points while playing in NE no less!!! Not bad. Next season I think if we can keep most of our big players we'll be back. At least I hope.

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