Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Great GPO Cmdlet

Darren and the people at SDM software have recently release another AWESOME cmdlet called Group Policy Health. Key features it provides are:

  • Returns "green or red" for each host
  • Can report against a single host, an OU or a domain
  • Provides detailed information about what GPOs were processed, how long processing took and what failed as well as much more detail
  • Provides either object-based or XML output for flexible reporting
  • Leverages PowerShell features for incorporation into existing automation scenarios
A nice intro to the cmdlet can be seen here.

Unfortunately this cmdlet is not part of the excellent freeware PS cmdlets Darren gives out but its only $75 bones. I'm gonna have to try to sell this buy to my boss. Thanks again Darren, excellent work as always!!

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