Thursday, October 16, 2008

Idera PowerShell Plus WMI Intellisense Fix

I was having a problem with Idera's PowerShell Plus intellisense with WMI Classes. Only a few Win32 Classes would be recognized. In order to rebuild the WMI classes and have them recached into PowerShell plus you have to do a few things.

  • When the splash screen of PS+ starts be sure to press the right 'Shift' key. Pressing the left 'Shift' key wouldn't work for me.
  • Check the box to 'Delete cached WMI info'. This check box tells PS+ to rebuild the WMI Class Intellisense, similar to what happens when you first install PS+
  • After PS+ starts, the intellisense works as expected.

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Tobias Weltner said...

Thanks for posting your workaround.

Actually what I think has happened is that PS+ was interrupted when it investigated the WMI namespaces the first time, leaving incomplete results. That explains why only some WMI classes were supporting intellisense-like code completion.

By recaching WMI info, the investigation process was triggered again and now had time to finish.

I'll have an eye on this and make sure WMI investigation always succeeds.

Thanks again for posting the workaround.

PowerShellPlus Architect