Friday, June 13, 2008

Sysinternals Online

If your a fan of the SysInternal tools, you'll love that Microsoft now has released all of them online and readily available with just a web connection. If you haven't used any of the sysinternal tools you really should take a look at them, even if your not an admin user. The tools really are great and best of all they are all FREE!!!

You can get access to them from any computer with a internet connection. Just enter into any browser and BAM!

Or you can paste this UNC link in to Windows Explorer and BAM!!


Or if your a Console Rat and want it in PowerShell you can type this command and BAM!
You then could do a LS or Dir and see all the tools, copy them out, use them directly, etc.

cd \\\tools


Or even build a Function or do what I did and add a new PS Drive with this command and put it in your profile so you have this drive every time you start PS.

New-PSDrive -Name SYSINT -PSProvider filesystem -Root \\\tools > $null

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